Customs service is one of the activities in the chain of services provided for import and export activities. Because of the complexity and difference in customs procedures of many countries, the circulation of goods is difficult. difficult. Coming to Loc Vung Do Logistics, customers will receive thoughtful advice on customs services and a full range of import and export, tax incentives most suitable for each item.


With a team of professional staff who have been trained to be a Customs agent, we confidently perform the following operations:

On behalf of your company, we stand to carry out import and export procedures for package goods from A to Z:
Declare goods names, apply HS CODE for tax calculation, transmit VNACC declarations, inspect goods (if any), and clear customs
Predetermine taxes to be paid.
Working with relevant departments: Quality inspection, Animal and plant quarantine, Fumigation, applying for C/O of all kinds, applying for permits of all kinds……
Customs procedures for goods imported and exported from bonded warehouses.
► Customs procedures for goods in transit.
► Customs procedures for dangerous goods (Dangerous Goods).
Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import
Customs procedures for import and export goods on the spot
Import and export tax refund procedures (quickly)
Customs procedures for security goods – national defense
Import and export entrustment service