It can be said that the circulation of goods is the key link to the development of the economy. In today’s types of transport, transporting goods by road containers is still the most popular solution. Not only bringing high efficiency, low risk but also cost is also very suitable for businesses today, especially small and medium enterprises.

The problem here is which transport unit is reputable and experienced in this field? Let’s find the answer with logistics right here!

Until now, road transport has always been an important part of the movement of goods. Goods are shipped quickly, in a timely manner, which is the foundation to promote the production line. Thereby, contributing to national economic growth as well as social development.

Transporting goods by road containers also contributes a large part to the state budget. Those are the taxes and fees associated with many other services. Typically, renting warehouses, maintaining and repairing traffic, loading and unloading goods, etc. Not to mention, this is an area that attracts a lot of workers, especially in the period of industrialization and modernization such as: nowadays.

When integration is the trend of many countries, including Vietnam. Trucking has shown its importance more than ever. This will be an important and indispensable link when combined with other modes of transport. For example, combining with waterways and airways. Thus, the chain of circulation and trade of goods will take place smoothly and easily, ensuring economic benefits between the parties.


Red invoice issued by the seller to the buyer

The goods owner is responsible for providing the red invoice of the shipment to the shipping unit. This is a required document to present, for the inspection purpose of the market management team.

Quarantine certificate

Some specific goods will require additional quarantine certificates. This will avoid problems arising if the authorities check the shipment.

Moving contract

Contract of carriage is a document clearly stating the commitments and agreements between the transport unit and the transport hirer. Form of contract and document. This is a document with full legality, presented to solve problems when disputes arise.

In the contract, the content will include the quantity of goods, the place of receipt and return, the time for such activities, the freight, the payment time. In addition, there are responsibilities and obligations associated with both parties.

Besides, the indispensable information is how to load and unload the goods, how to stow the goods to ensure the safety of the goods. Specifications of the goods. Other conditions on quarantine, customs as well as market management.

Travel paper

Road permits are issued to vehicles transporting goods. It will be valid as a document for the duration of the shipment. This will be a factor for the unit in charge of transporting the goods to assign responsibility to the driver. From there, economic planning as well as monitoring and handling of unexpected incidents may occur on the road.

Fee receipt

The freight receipt is considered the original document. It will reflect the outcome of the entire transportation business process. It will be used to pay freight, calculate service charges, make freight receipts, and plan the results of the transportation process.

This is the type of document issued by the transport unit. The content inside needs to be accurate, detailed and complete. If any errors occur, the creator must take full responsibility.

Consignment note

To prove the work, the transportation process has been completed after each shipment, the shipping unit will use the waybill. The role of the waybill is equivalent to the invoice as well as the delivery note. Not only that, this is also a legal document for the shipment transported on the vehicle by container.